06 June 2015

Best Real PTC Sites in the World

Welcome Guys! Many people asked about PTC sites that those are real or fake so i decided to write an article on PTC sites so everyone can join them and earn money. From last couple of years, many sites are getting millions of page-views daily due to their automated and fake system. They show high rates per click like 2$/click, 4$/click which is totally wrong. They will set a target of minimum payout like 200$ minimum payout so everyone will start calculation that in how much days we will payout and then they start work. Remember that Google is giving the highest rates per click in his Ad-sense program which is explain already on my previous topic Google Ad-sense which is something different to PTC we are discussing here because in these PTC site you will be paid when you click on ads but in Ad-sense you will not click on your ads (your visitors can click only). The owner of scam sites are making fool everyday but when we signup in one site we will see a-lot of other sites having the high rates and attractive banners so almost 90% people will do more sign-ups. So don’t ever try that kind of sites after this tutorial.

Best Real PTC Sites in the World:

1. ClixSense:
Clixsense is the top best and fast growing ptc site in the world with it’s exciting plans. They will give you daily 10-15 ads to visit and they have different rates for different ads means have different categories of ads. They will give you up-to 0.2$/click and when you will refer someone on your referral link then you will earn up-to 0.008$ on his click. As many referral you will get as much earning. They will offer you some task and survey on daily basis on which they will also give you some cents and sometimes up-to $$. When you will reach 5$ you can make payout through Payza, PayPal and through Wallet. This is a good platform for all those who want to work on PTC sites because there is no investment and you can earn as much you will d work in referral program. Clix-Sense is working from last eight years with full trusted membership and advertisement coordination. You can work here freely. Keep one thing in mind don’t try to cheat them because they have the best Anti-Cheat system behind this website.

2. Neobux:
Neobux is also the top best real ptc site working from last 7 years with its excellence. You can join this site as well with Clix-Sense because it has their own system. So it is easy for you to manage both sites at a time. One thing is very good in both sites that the view time of ad is short so it will not make visitors/viewer bored. If you are a Standard User then you can earn up-to 0.17$ and if you have more referrals then you can earn more as well. They also give you banner support, if you have a blog/website with good traffic and domain is regarding earning etc then you will get extra amount of referrals from that also. They also have different type of ads categories like standard, mini, micro and fixed advertisement. Don’t try to cheat them also they will ban you and your all earning will be canceled.

These two was the best ptc so i shared with you. Hope you will work hard and earn a good amount after the end of month.

25 November 2014

Infolinks | Info-links

No Doubt about it. Infolinks is best site after ad-sense because the ads are placed in such manner if a user didn’t want to click on ads but unconsciously he/she will give you at-least 5,6 ads view. Info-links is working excellent from last couple of years and now it is giving high revenue to its users. In ad-sense your click play major role while here your page-views and clicks both play major role here. You will see there ads placement when you will do practical on your websites/blog. They are also playing a good game that when your viewer visit your blog and he doesn’t want to click on ads due to some internal factors but he will give you good amount of ads view which will be helpful for you to earn a decent amount at the end of month. I will also share my earning and experience with you guys later at the end of this article. You can payout minimum 100$ either from Paypal or through Wire. You can read their payment procedure in mentioned website. They have four categories of ads i-e Text Ads (These ads are placed on some words in your content either in post or in homepage.) InFold Ad (This ad is like a pop-up ad which will take 1/4 space at the bottom of your web. It will only raise when some one move their mouse arrow on it). InTag Ads (These are are placed below every post. These ads may b 2 lines or 1 Line and will be discussed further in respective heading.) InFrame Ads (These two ads will appear in right and left side of your website blog if your site/blog body has enough space available). These previous ads are discussed with explanation just below.

1. In Text Ads:

These are effective when you are running a website containing mostly text in it so it is best for your earning. These ads will be place on your some words like you have a sentence “I am a student of Engineering”. Your words Student or Engineering will be underlined and when some one move mouse on that a pop-up ad will appear and when you left move from it it will vanished. These are maximum 10 ads in number on each page you open. If you have genuine 1000 page-views per day it will give you 3000-4000 ads view per day and may be little low from my calculation. This amount of ads view will give you 2$ or 3$+ because sometime they have their own formula for this ratio.

2. InTag Ads:

Now these are ads which are best if you have an article and peoples want to learn more then these will be helpful. Let me give you an example, When you wrote an article on mobiles prices etc then you will see that most of your InTag ads containing the related topics means Mobiles, Latest Mobiles. Samsung. iPhone, HTC etc. It will give them a direction to click and see their required field or item. They will also give you good ratio which is CTR.

3. InFold Ad: 

This ad is your main target to get more clicks because it will be active when someone visit or refresh your page after cancelling your ad. It will give you up-to 4% high CTR then other ads. This ad will not disturb your users becuse they will occupy minimum space of your website/blog. May be some persons don’t like these kind of ads bu when those will try to cross that ad, some of them will definitely give you ad clicks. So fell happy and use them also.

4. InFrame Ads:

These ads will appear on your extra space in left and right side of your website main frame. They will not disturb your viewers but it will give them attraction and fresh look because these ads are beautiful with pictures and tex but an amazing color combination. A sample picture of all ads categories are mentioned in this below picture.

What things you need to do in getting started with Infolinks is:

Visit Infolinks.com and join as a publisher. After Joining Click on Add a new website and enter your website URL. They will review your blog/website in less then a day and will approve you. No matter your content is copyrighted or not, you just need to worry about traffic. As much traffic you can bring, you will get as much earning. You can use any social media traffic to get more views and clicks.

My Experience and Earning:

I personally started working on Infolinks a year ago. I work hard on my Pakistani Dramas Blog and got my first payout of 100$ in approximately 2 month but after that i can’t continue online work due to some internal issues. But i am fully satisfied with their trust and security polices. You can also Join and earn. It is an offer for you all guys who are spending their most time on Facebook and on games. Happy Earning

08 November 2014

How to make a complete blogger blog urdu hindi video tutorial

How to make a complete blogger blog?

Welcome Guys! I am from Trick Ustaad with another amazing article in which I will step by step explain you about “How to make a complete blogger blog” with full Urdu, Hindi video tutorials also. Newbie’s will be happy with my new article because its basic step also so you can make a complete blog without any supports. Basically, blogger is a free platform for all bloggers in which they can made their websites and can earn a good amount. Blogger is not a piece of cake for you if you can not get all small techniques about blogging. One small mistake will throw you down in Google ranking so beware in blogging. Also use special keywords in your blog related to your blogger topics, because when someone types those keywords then your blog link will appear there also.

 Important Tips For Newbie's Bloggers:

Choose a unique or special domain name for your website.
Choose a professional theme for your web/blog (keep in mind; don’t use ordinary template or theme for it. This will down your visitors also).
Make a good header logo for your website.
Fill your all main pages (don’t put any main page empty, it will also decrease your visitors).
Optimize your blog completely in every aspect.
Do not copy paste others data or articles.
Do full use of social media ( Facebook, Twitter, Linkin etc).
Do not use so must ads at beginning of your blog/website.
Write each and every article in simple word that can be easily understandable.
Good selection of topics which will help you to bring Google visitors for you blog.
Posts your articles daily for your visitors and keep in touch with them.
Do not stay away from your web more then a week, it will totally back you to the bottom in blogoshere. So beware in every aspects.

Videos are in uploading process on Daily-motion, will be added soon here.


Here we will upload some initial parts for bloggers and if we got good response from our newbie’s bloggers then I will upload furthers parts in my next update. So share our this article with your friends an make them a good blogger in future. Watch our video tutorials and Happy Blogging

14 July 2014

Check Your Website and Domain Banned From Using Adsense?

Welcome Guys ! Today we are here just to solve your another big problem that can trouble many Newbies in blogging field. Many of us don't know how to check that whether his website or Domain is banned for using adsense, that's why we bring this small tutorial to tell you about those websites or you can say links to check your sites as well. Actually when your are purchasing a domain or website from big domain providers websites then there is less fear of this trouble, otherwise these site are very useful for those who want to buy a domain or website from any other person and that person already worked on it so you must check either this domain banned or not banned for using Google search &  Google adsense if you want to put ads on your domain or website. So below are those sites on which you can directly check here.... Remember Trick Ustaad and Muhammad Zeeshan in your prayers.

1)  IsBanned.com

2) BannedCheck.com

3) Bannedchecksite.com

Final Words:

Please make sure this thing when you are buying any website and domain. Share this tutorial with your friends by sharing and make them aware about this problem. Happy Earning.......

04 March 2014

How to get real free Facebook Likes for your fanpage

Hello Guys! Welcome to Trick Ustaad and we are here with a simple trick to get more face-book pages likes to boost our social presence. Nowadays, many people's are searching different webs to get real face-book likes to boost their pages and become famous or can generate revenue by sharing their posts on that. So you need to get real likes and in this website all the likes are real and no chances of spam at all. Many people's told me different tricks but they are all wastage of time and i didn't get even a single real like from those webs. So Register in this link below and get more likes for face-book pages,You-tube Channels, Google Circles and many others social media sites

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These different banners are only to show that you can also get likes and followers in that regard also. These all above three banners having the same link. You can sin-up once and you will get all offers there.